A Little Bit of Spectacular by Gin Phillips

A sweet, coming-of-age story about the strength of friendship and the magic of love. Phillips writes a heartfelt, easy-to-read novel about an eleven-year-old and her newfound friend unraveling a mystery, helping them understand that sometimes spectacular things come from the most ordinary stories.

Phillips avoids the clichés and creates a believable eleven-year-old with depth and heart. A LITTLE BIT OF SPECTACULAR is a wonderful, albeit cheesy, read that cleverly young readers and adults will appreciate.

Dive into the book:

After Olivia’s mom gets sick, they move in with her grandma. Eleven-year-old Olivia, already terribly shy, becomes the dreaded new kid. One seemingly ordinary day, she notices mysterious messages popping up around town. After researching the possible meanings, Olivia has a feeling the messages are otherworldly. Together with her newfound friend, Olivia sets off in an adventure that’s a little bit spectacular.

Goodreads rating: 3.39/5

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