Court of Fives (Book #1) by Kate Elliot

COURT OF FIVES is an epic adventure similar to THE HUNGER GAMES series and SALVAGE. The novel is both plot and character driven involving complex themes of loyalty, family, and sacrifice. Elliot creates a rich, detailed world with just the right amount of tension that will leave the readers begging for the next installment.

Dive into the book:

Jessamy and her sisters find themselves caught in the middle of a world divided by the royal and privileged Patrons and by the lower class Commoners, having a Patron-born father who, against the advice of many, stayed loyal to their Commoner mother. During her father’s absence and without his blessing, Jessamy had been secretly training to compete in the Fives, an athletic competition divided into five different courses requiring wit, skill, and cunningness. By secretly competing in the Fives, Jessamy unknowingly unravels dangerous political secrets jeopardizing her family’s safety.

Goodreads rating: 3.65/5

Pairs well with:

Watching FROZEN. Don’t judge. COURT OF FIVES is filled with enough action that it’ll leave you with just the right amount of energy to watch a movie with similar themes (see above, second sentence), but less dire and more sparkly.

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