Deep Water by Lu Hersey

DEEP WATER is a beautifully written mystery novel that draws inspiration from old wives tales and folklore. Set in a small seaside town, the story focuses on a girl searching for answers about her mom’s past and subsequently her own. Not to go on a tangent here, but don’t we tend to seek answers from the history written before us?

Going back to the story, while it is more mystery driven, fret not as Lu sprinkles in a dash of forbidden romance. What is a YA novel without the love story angle? I joke. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book as a whole, I would have loved if Lu revealed the mystery earlier and developed more of the main character’s family history. I was drawn more to the backstory than to the main character’s journey of uncovering the truth. Other than those two points, the novel is well worth a read.

Reads like: A mix between THE PRINCE OF MIST and an easy-to-read Sarah Dessen novel

Dive into the book:

After Danni’s mom goes missing, weird things start happening from prophetic-like dreams to water seeping through her hands. After her mom is found staying at the hospital suffering from amnesia, Danni realizes she knows nothing about her mom’s past. After following one of her visions, Danni ends up outside her grandma’s house, a grandma she knew nothing about. It is only after speaking with her does Danni realize there is more to her family history than her mom ever let on.

Goodreads rating: 4.07/5

Pairs well with:

A nice warm cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace, after snowboarding. Being that this book takes place by a seaside village, drinking hot cocoa seems only appropriate. Ok, I was going to purchase a steaming cup of hot cocoa, but the Guinness was calling my name. However, I did sip my beverage by the fireplace, so that should count.

after hitting the slopes

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